About me

My art work is borned of the encounter between an old technic, knitting and the objects from the consumer society like milk and orange juice cartons, VHS or electric wires. In my practise, the used materials are in the center of the art work : it organizes the final form, the colors and even sense of the smell.

My art is based on recycling which consist of producing a different point of view for the materials. By transforming them, I generate a new aestetic attention.

These materials are the symbols of a consumer society which want usto be materialistic, to own in order to have and collectors, to throw away in order to buy.

I become a used materials’ collector who start to join those elements, bind them together to have an abstract form. Sometimes the structure formed in this way grows powerful, goes beyond me. I like when the materials take the power, become strong and organize the final form like it was alive.